Ambient Assisted Living (AAL): living self-determined in old age


Living permanently at health home thanks to Ambient Assisted Living

Many seniors and people with disabilities are very afraid of having to move to a health home against their will as the need for care grows. Because there are clear rules and individuality is possible only in the limited framework of the house rules. However, only the least needy people can afford a personal, human carer for the health home.

The solution to this problem is provided by Ambient Assisted Living systems, whose providers make everyday life easier and, above all, safer with simple measures and retrofit solutions. We introduce the best and most innovative products and suppliers.

With AAL we still have our own favorite place for a long time

With AAL we still have our own favorite place for a long time

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Ambient Assisted Living – Definition

AAL includes a whole system of solutions designed to simplify the care of the elderly and those with disabilities. The nursing health home or the retirement health home should not be the only way out if an elderly person needs help. AAL was originally launched by the Fraunhofer Institute and is constantly evolving.

The Ambient Assisted Living technologies are so advantageous because they are easy to master and very discretely integrated into the life and everyday needs of people in need of care. The AAL systems can also be individually adapted to the life situation of the affected persons and can be changed or extended at any time.

As part of senior care, more and more intelligent smart health home technologies are being used to independently control recurring processes. An external intervention by a family member or by a caregiver is still possible at any time, because the person in need of care can make themselves felt by pressing a button.

Most AAL systems include an emergency call feature

Most AAL systems include an emergency call feature

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Modern AAL care technology is also easy to use for laymen

Especially seniors, who grew up in a time without modern technology, are often critical of technical innovations. They are afraid of being unable to operate the systems or of making mistakes that could lead to a defect in the technology.

With modern smart health home technologies, people can take away these fears. Because the intuitive operation requires no prior knowledge. Most seniors learn to deal with it quickly and in most cases are amazed how easy and effective help can be with technology. When the goal of self-determined living is achieved through an effective smart health home system, the caregiver usually likes to get involved. Especially when he realizes that a Smart health home with Ambient Assisted Living devices gives him the chance to stay in his own health home.

Ambient Assisted Living solutions can be used to B. in the stairwell turn on the light on call

Ambient Assisted Living solutions can be used to B. in the stairwell turn on the light on call

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Smart health home as a key to self-determined life

Smart health home is a term that is not known from the care and care of disabled and dependent persons. Because modern technologies of a smart health home are so far mostly used in households in which no disabled or dependent persons live.

The Smart health home takes care of many tasks that previously had to be handled manually. The automated control of heating, lighting, blinds and monitoring of houses and apartments can be implemented quite easily in a smart health home. The Internet plays a crucial role in the networking of individual systems, as it is used to control systems and to see if everything is alright at health home.

The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) system, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, takes advantage of these technologies and extends them to meet the needs of people who have a disability or care needs, but nevertheless want to live independently in their own health home.

AAL can be seen as an extension of the Smart Homes. The technologies that the Smart health home provides for controlling and monitoring household mechanisms are also used in Ambient Assisted Living. For example, family members can use a video system to convince themselves that grandparents are doing well. They can talk to them, explore their health and get help. Furthermore, it is possible to organize purchases via Ambient Assisted Living, obtain medicines or call a doctor if necessary.

Language assistants manage everyday life for seniors

It is particularly easy to get started with Ambient Assisted Living technology using a smart speaker and the language software installed on it. For example, if you buy an Amazon Echo speaker, you can use the pre-installed voice assistant to manage many household tasks and entertainment options.

Amazon Echo 2, light gray fabric

Amazon Echo 2, light gray fabric -21%

The new Amazon Echo – cheaper and more powerful than its predecessor.

Ambient Assisted Living with Alexa

  • listen to music
  • Retrieve news and eCyclopean knowledge
  • Kindle eBooks or audible audiobooks
  • Control household appliances (eg lamps, heating thermostats or the television)
  • Make language purchases and have food delivered to your health home (set up a Prime account)
  • Make phone calls or voice messages and get help in case of emergency
  • Helpers open the door from anywhere via a networked lock
  • U.v.m.

Electric rollator ello: with horn and light

Rollators are supposed to make life easier for seniors, but in practice they are often too bulky and unwieldy. Not infrequently it comes despite rollator to falls and equilibrium problems. After several projects, such as ModEst, have tackled better fall prevention, ello should now provide comprehensive protection.

For more flexibility also provides the electric drive in both rear wheels of ello. So disabled people can master ramps or other surfaces better. On the way up ello automatically rolls in the desired speed and even carries luggage. It brakes downwards by itself and thus prevents unwanted slipping.

The electric walker ello has even integrated lighting, emergency call system and horn

The electric walker ello has even integrated lighting, emergency call system and horn


The integrated emergency call function, which is always there in contrast to a health home emergency call, significantly increases the freedom of movement. If the user loses his or her orientation while walking or shopping, he can get help with the intuitive SOS button. Built-in GPS ensures fast locating.

In which medical supply stores the electric rollator is already available for testing or buying, our ello product overview explains.

Pillo and ElliGrid dose medication automatically

Another big challenge in Ambient Assisted Living is the correct dosage of medication. Because especially with cardiac tablets too late or too low dosage can quickly become life-threatening.

In order to remind even forgetful people in time, the startup Pillo Health has developed a charming little robot. This smart health assistant can all family members by facial recognition, address them personally and spend the appropriate amount of vitamins or tablets for each. If demented persons still forget to take it, Pillo sends a warning to a previously selected contact person.

Unfortunately, the exact launch date for Pillo on the manufacturer's side is not yet visible. That's why we recommend the ElliGrid pill box as an alternative. Although she can not speak, but shows by lighting the currently necessary tablets. In addition, the intelligent pill box can be filled much easier, because no more tablets have to be counted.

ElliGrid uses LEDs to indicate whether tablets are currently required

ElliGrid uses LEDs to indicate whether tablets are currently required


Similar to Pillo, the smart pill box automatically notifies a caregiver or family member if the medication has not been taken. Further information on the product and the ordering options are available at ElliGrid manufacturers page,

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor facilitates blood pressure measurement

For many seniors, measuring blood pressure at health home makes everyday life much easier and thus guarantees ambient assisted living in the first place. So that excitement and stress do not unnecessarily push up blood pressure, there are now also particularly comfortable smart solutions.

compact sphygmomanometer, reminder function, history graphs, simple documentation -1%

compact sphygmomanometer, reminder function, history graphs, simple documentation

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, for example, is wireless and can be networked with the smart Withings or the Withings thermometer. The measured data can be viewed either directly on the device or on the manufacturer's app. A reminder function ensures that the measurements are not forgotten. Incidentally, despite all the smart extras, the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor costs only a little more than a classic blood pressure monitor.

Oticon Opn: hearing aid with BrainHearing technology

In addition to balance problems, diminishing eyesight and forgetfulness, especially hearing loss is a typical age problem. Unfortunately, traditional hearing aids often work slowly and imprecisely. At Oticon Opn, on the other hand, a Velox chip scans the environment 100 times a second. This achieves a 360 degree radius and noise can be better filtered out. Carriers of the intelligent hearing aid are thus able to easily follow group discussions. The batteries of the new system are even rechargeable.

The only drawback: So far, the hearing aid is still very expensive. If you want to know more, get more information on the Oticon Opn manufacturer page,

The new hearing aid has already won many awards

The new hearing aid has already won many awards


Further aids for Ambient Assisted Living

Depending on personal needs and wishes, there are countless opportunities to facilitate life in old age and to increase the independence. If you have not found anything suitable among the presented products, we have put together further inspirations in the following list, which may soon make your everyday life easier.

Nokia Body Cardio, White -6%

Keep the weight in view with the smart scales.

Grants for age-appropriate living

If you want to make your health home accessible and age-appropriate, you can apply for promotional loans and grants from KfW Bank. For example, the following renovation and renovation measures are supported:

  • Redesign of paths to the building
  • Barrier-free expansion of entrance and apartment access
  • Aid measures for overcoming stairs and steps (eg anti-slip coverings)
  • Bathroom renovation (eg with floor-level shower or bath lift)
  • Retrofitting of door and gate drives
  • Reorganization or redesign of common areas
  • u. v. m.

Editor's tip: KfW: grants and development loans for smart health home conversion

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