Which is best price?Amazon fitbit charge 3 VS Walmart fitbit charge 3 price

Amazon fitbit charge 3 best price

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Walmart fitbit charge 3 best price

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While smartwatches are often seen as a must for wearables, fitness equipment remains Fitbit’s core business. Charge 3, the latest model of the company, however, tends to confuse the tracks.

We know that the Charge is the line that works best at Fitbit and is even the emblem of the brand. A tracker without pretensions at the origin. 35 million sales already for the first two models. However, Charge 3, the next model, plans to move up a gear and blur the slopes.

Charge 3 of Fitbit: a tracker and more

First of all, in the current technological race, Fitbit is focusing on its core business, which has made it successful. Charge 3 will therefore offer the same features that made the brand known. but, he also goes further and that’s where he gets closer to the smartwatch. So we find a whole range of tools to capture data (heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, apnea, calories burned …). 15 different activities can be followed automatically.

You will also have calendar alerts, calls, messages, notifications apps … In the long run, it will be possible to send scheduled responses or reject a call. However, no GPS, it will bet on the phone. For to buy it, go to October but, if you are already seduced, it is possible to preorder from 149.95 €. Side details, the watch can be used in pool up to 50 meters deep and the autonomy is estimated from 5 to 7 days.


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