Alexa could soon connect doctors to their patients and follow up with them


MediSprout, a start-up in the field of smart health connected health, has partnered with Amazon to set up an appointment service on the intelligent assistant Alexa.

The service in question is based on V2MDHealth, a videoconferencing platform for healthcare providers, which provides patients with the days and hours of physician availability. Then the patient has to choose the time range that suits him best and Alexa will take care of adding the meeting to the agenda of the patient and the doctor. This system makes it easy to make appointments, both on the cabinet and the patient side.

And Alexa becomes a medical assistant

This system also makes it easier to renew prescriptions and to ask Alexa when your doctor will not be in consultation and will be free to have a phone interview so you can ask questions. For Echo devices with a camera like Echo Spot, it will even be possible to make video calls.

Another advantage is that the V2MDHealth platform is also compatible with the Withings smart health connected blood pressure monitor, allowing the doctor to monitor the blood pressure of his patients. In tests with volunteers, the results proved to be conclusive since the doctor controlled the tension twice as often with these smart health connected tools as in normal times, and therefore to adapt the treatment accordingly.

The implementation of this system could be much more virtuous than it seems. Indeed, it would improve the medical follow-up of people, reduce the number of missed appointments both in GP offices and in clinics, while minimizing the interstitial time lost to answering patient calls. . Ultimately, all parties would benefit, while decreasing public health spending. Such a service demonstrates the value of owning a personal assistant in every health home (especially for the elderly), perhaps after the Alexa smart health connected speakers have invaded the hotel rooms.




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