A smart health connected pill that releases drugs at a fixed time


Here is a smart health connected pill that releases the necessary drugs for people who follow a very strict medical treatment. It works by Bluetooth with a smartphone.

Some medical treatments are extremely strict and require very regular medication at a fixed time. Any delay or forgetfulness that may alter the treatment. This is a difficult constraint for the sick and their loved ones. Other treatments must be adapted to a measurement performed. Outside hospitals and care centers, it is difficult to follow such treatment. This smart health connected pill seems to be an ideal solution for these patients who can stay at health home and not have to worry about taking medication.

Connected pill

A smart health connected pill that releases drugs at the right time

Researchers at the prestigious University of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT) have developed this smart health connected pill. This unmanageable device Deploys two Y-shaped branches that allow the capsule to attach to the stomach. She can stay there for a month. This smart health connected pill works with a smartphone via Bluetooth and delivers, at the right time, the necessary medications according to the medical protocol.

Better still, researchers at the prestigious American university wants to add a battery of sensors capable of detecting an infection or an allergic reaction and release molecules to treat these reactions. Only current problem, the source of energy used. It is a pile containing toxic products. Researchers are working on another solution. This smart health connected pill could be tested in humans in about two years. A big step forward for smart health connected health.

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