a smart health connected bracelet of 100 € doing the job


The smart health connected bracelet Samsung Galaxy Fit does not have all the possible and imaginable functionalities. But what he knows how to do, he does it well.

Just in time for the summer, the Samsung Galaxy Fit can now be bought for 100 €. At this price, it is positioned as a competitor of Fitbit Inspire HR at the entry level. To ensure the victory, Samsung is betting on the quality of services.

Essential features

Obviously, sport is the lion's share of the features. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Fit automatically detects the type of exercise that is performed. In this respect, it has no less than 90 different activities din his database. In addition to this, the camera is also watertight up to 50 m deep. So you can take it with you to the pool without any worries. To complete the whole, a heart rate sensor allows you to follow the beats of your heart.

But the Samsung Galaxy Fit is also seen as a small companion that improves your life. As a result, it analyzes the quality of sleep and the level of stress. In addition, it also allows you to monitor your diet or daily routine via widgets. Of course, consult remotely smartphone notifications remains possible.

Feel good with the samsung galaxy fit

The Samsung Galaxy Fit, a device well done

A neat design really distinguishes this model from the mountains of other smart health connected bracelets found at the same price. Whether it is the software or the bracelet itself, Samsung has thought about its Galaxy Fit.

In fact, Tizen, Samsung's homemade OS, is easy to useeven for those who are not very familiar with new technologies. For example, simply scroll vertically to access additional information on each page. To start a sport session, simply press and hold the only button on the machine. Best of all, everything is fluid and fast.

From a design point of view, the Samsung Galaxy Fit does not revolutionize the format. It even recalls Fitbit products. However, the Korean manufacturer is perfecting the recipe. The device is therefore comfortable to wear, but also solid.

To conclude, do not forget the battery. According to Samsung, the bracelet can work up a week on a single charge. A good performance. In any case, it is now displayed at 100 € on the Samsung website as well asAmazon and LDLC.

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Source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/06/14/samsung-galaxy-fit-hands-on/?guccounter=1 – Credit: Samsung (Photos)



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