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The TicWatch Pro is the new smart health connected watch for Mobvoi athletes. It has the basic features that are asked for these objects and other interesting news. Already available, it is priced at 250 euros.

  • Mark : Mobvoi
  • Category: smart health connected watch
  • Log in : Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Screen size : 1.39 inches
  • Dimension : 45 x 45 x 14.6 mm
  • Drums : 415 mAh
  • sealing : IP68
  • Weight: 58.5 grams
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 to 1.2 GHz
  • Steel HR Sport price: 244 euros
  • Availability : already available

buy the TicWatch Pro:

Mobvoi is back with a brand new smart health connected watch for athletes. The TicWatch Pro owns all the basic features requested, GPS, NFC, pedometer, heart rate. As well as other news, like the dual screen. His design is imposing and not really unisex. The TicWatch Pro is pretty functional and interesting. However, many defects in the use or applications taint this quality. Price, reviews features, we have tested it for you and we will tell you everything in our comprehensive Review.

Unboxing of the TicWatch Pro

The watch arrives in a square rigid box. A cardboard operculum is around. On the front of it, we can see a photo of the ride. On the back, it's the features that are explained.

unboxing of the pro ticWatch

This operculum is quite difficult to remove because it is very tight. Once we have managed to remove it, we discovers a cardboard container. She is black with writing on TicWatch Pro.

unboxing of the pro ticWatch

Inside we find the watch with the manual and his charging cable.

unboxing the ticWatch

No superfluous, theunboxing goes to the essentials. It is regrettable that the manual does not explain how to use the watch. It is quite complicated. Adding a explanatory guide to the manual of legal conditions would not have been too much.

Design and ergonomics

The TicWatch Pro has a very imposing design. 45 x 45 x 14.6 mm, for a weight of almost 60 grams. She is therefore intended more for men. Ladies, we advise you to refrain – unless you like to have a watch bigger than your wrist-. Being a woman, I do not adhere to design at all, Too big in my humble opinion. For men, however, this is fine.

Imposing design of the TicWatch Pro watch

Take into account however, that with a tight shirt or coat, it quickly becomes troublesome. This Colossus size makes him look very resistant. Very suitable for sportsmen.

Despite its size, the design is quite successful. Enter sporty and urban aesthetic, the watch remains clean, refined and beautiful. We can still blame him for his crown that does not turn.

The screen of the watch is tactile and quite large. It is possible to change the design of the interface of the watch. 24 different styles are available. It therefore offers a large choice of panel. In all this, you will necessarily find one that will please you.

Wide choice of dials for the TicWatch Pro

The bracelet around the wrist is in rubber to increase comfort and avoid the odors of perspiration. Above, he is in Italian leather to make it more aesthetic. The watch is certified waterproof. The bracelet provided is leather and does not go in the water. It is therefore necessary to buy a new one. They are however easily interchangeable. I still have a problem with the space between the holes of the bracelet. They are not suitable for my size. Either it's too wide, or it's too tight.

leather strap Tic Watch Pro leather

In a totally subjective opinion, I can not find it not comfortable. We had to bad to forget that we are wearing it. As said before, especially when you are dressed with tight clothes.

Using the TicWatch Pro

In fact, the last Withings watch is pretty easy to use. By sliding your finger up and down, you scroll settings menu. From the bottom up, there are the notifications. From right to left and vice versa, you have access to different dials. The top button opens the advanced settings such as the Play Store, the flashlight, the calendar and many other things. When held down for a few seconds, theGoogle assistant appears. The second button just below, opens five different sports. Are present: outdoor race, outdoor walking, indoor race, bike and the last freestyle.

notifactions of the ticWatch

In fact, it's easy, but whenUse it turns out a bit more complicated. Once, the screen became completely black. Unable to unlock the watch, the only thing I could do was use the voice assistant – which did not help me at all to get me out of this situation. After ten minutes of hard work, I was obliged to reconfigure the watch in factory mode.

In general, the use of the watch is not really intuitive. You will have to accept feeling frustrated during the handling. Moreover, she is sometimes a little slow, not always responding correctly.

Features on the TicWatch Pro

When starting, the watch will ask you to fill some personal information such as sex, age, weight and height. Thanks to this, she will be able to adapt her measurements and make them more precise.

Two applications are available, Wear IOS and Mobvoi.

The first Wears OS, lets you change the dial. But also to adjust settings such as notifications, schedule or advanced settings.

IOS Wear app from The TicWatch Pro

The second, Mobvoi, is it used to see the number of steps, le exercise time, the number of active hours, the calories burned or the distance traveled.

Mobvoi application of the TicWatch Pro

Applications are good and functional. However, why two? This makes thecomplicated use and it is not very useful. Sometimes the watch connects to the Wear IOS app and can not connect to Mobvoi.

Moreover, on Mobvoi we do not know why, sometimes, words of Spaniards come to put in the middle. Convenient to review for those who speak Spanish. For others, it can be a little complicated.

The watch is equipped with an NFC chip. This convenient feature allows you to pay through your watch. Being on the wrist, it saves you from having to take out your card or phone.

The TicWatch Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, this processor was replacing the snapdragon 400 not at all suitable for smart health connected objects and especially watches. It is smaller and less energy hungry. The Withings watch is equipped with this very good processor, however, it is already exceeded. Qualcomm has released a new one Snapdragon 3100.

The watch is equipped with two screens that overlap. This feature allows you toSave battery. On the first you will have just the time and some information. By shaking your wrist or touching the screen, it will remove the old setting and you will have access to the normal dial.

TicWatch pro two screens for more autonomy

This function allowssave battery. By switching to essential mode, your watch will limit applications and the display of both screens in order to save battery. He will still count the steps, the heart rate and will display the date and time. To leave, it is necessary to maintain for a long time the button on / off. Convenient function that extends the battery of the TicWatch Pro.

the TicWatch Pro against the competition

Ticwatch Pro is not not only smart health connected watch for sportsmen on the market. So how does it cope with the competition?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm VS The Tic Watch Pro

This is one of best watches present on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm has the same autonomy than the TicWatch Pro. They are all two very imposing and have a circular ring. Samsung's watch stands out for its fluidity and performance. They are both at the same price. The competitor of the TicWatch is 270 euros.

Xiaomi Amazfit Startos

Xiaomi Amazfit Startos Vs The TicWatch Pro

This watch has a small price -150 euros-. His design is a bit more matt than that of the TicWatch pro. 14 sports are availables on the Xiaomi watch. She has a GPS and built-in mp3 player. However she does have no contactless payment. It is a fairly powerful watch that has a good price / quality ratio.

Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3 VS the TicWatch Pro

It's too, one of the best watches on the market. She owns all the features of sports watchesbut it is also equipped with a 4G music player and even the possibility to call (just like the TicWatch). However, all these features have a cost. You can find it at the price of 449 euros. In addition, be aware that it is only compatible with IOS.

Polar Vantage V

Polar Vantage VS VS TicWatch Pro

This watch is intended for top athlete. Sunday sports, we advise you to turn to another product. She proposes a multitude of features. With it, you will have the impression of having a real wrist analysis laboratory. The Polar Vantage V will give you a very detailed account of your session or it will inform you when it is too intense. However, his design is not aesthetic and it does not offer the opportunity to listen to music. count 500 euros to get it for you.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music SV TicWatch Pro

This watch has all the features that we ask for a sports watch, cardio, GPS, Vo2 max measurement, or course recording. However, it is intended primarily for swimming and running. It will offer you other interesting features like calls, music or notifications. At the price of 150 eurosit has a good price / quality ratio.


The TicWatch of Mobvoi is a pretty good watch in the facts. She integrates everything you ask for to a smart health connected watch for sportsmen, heart rhythms, pedometers, GPS, five integrated sports. In addition, the TicWatch Pro is equipped with other features such as the possibility of make calls, NFC or dual screen. However, the design is not at all imagined to be unisex. This watch is more suitable for men. In addition, its two applications really complicate its use. The watch is sometimes hard to control. However, it remains affordable compared to some competitors. However, we advise you to turn to other watches of the brand or to go to the Samsung Galaxy Watch which is about the same price.

Good points

  • correct autonomy
  • customizable
  • quick update
  • dual screen
  • Complete, has what is asked for a smart health connected sports watch (NFC, pedometer, GPS, cardiac measurement)
  • pretty good value for money

Negative points

  • Come unloaded
  • A bit slow
  • imposing and masculine design
  • complicated interface
  • two applications

Design and ergonomics – 7

Ease of use – 7

Applications – 6.5

Features – 7.5

Value for money – 7


Design and Ergonomics : imposing design for women. For men, however, it's fine – if you like big watches.

Ease of use : The watch is functional however it is a bit slow at times.

Application : the applications are good, nevertheless, it would have been nice to bring them together. it is necessary to switch between the two which makes their use a little complicated.

features The watch has basic GPS, NFC, pedometer and more. As well as new features like the dual screen.

Quality / price ratio : correct.

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