a mobile app to measure sperm quality,


Review your fertility with a mobile app

Inexpensive and highly reliable, the only dark point of this new device Fertilex is that he is still in the prototype stage. That said, he deserved to be mentioned without delay, because if he ever found himself in all handsit would facilitate the design of many couples in difficulty. Indeed, even today, in case ofinfertilityFemale exams are often first-line, whereas a simple male Review is enough in half of the cases!

98% reliable male fertility Review

How to use: Download themobile app, we hang an accessory on his smartphone, we put a little sperm on a chip that is inserted into the accessory. The smartphone records a video of the spermatozoa then analyzed by software. In less than 5 seconds, the result is displayed, taking into account the number, mobility and shape of the spermatozoa, just like a classic Review of fertility male.

As for the reliability of the Review, it reaches 98% (tested on 350 patients). It only remains to wait for its marketing and as the Review of pregnancy or ovulation, men will also have the opportunity to Review their fertility at health home …


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