A box smart health connected to measure the quality of your environment


A box designed by the Lyon start-up Meersens allows to measure the quality of your environment: pesticides, noise …

This is an application that will be launched on your smartphones in the coming weeks. A "Waze" of health as described by its creators. Its, water, air, pesticides, waves … Everything around you can be controlled and measured thanks to this attractive smart health smart health connected object.

Box connected environment quality

An invitation to play the whistleblowers on the quality of the environment

In early November an application on iOS, in December on Android and at the beginning of next year, a smart health connected box available from the general public. The idea is to have data about your environment immediately. " The mCheck mobile app allows, thanks to open data, to Review, identify and better understand the environmental risks that can affect our health around the world Julie Fessy, the company's marketing manager, explains. The application also allows scan objects in a supermarket and thus have access to information such as allergens or a possible product recall.

Above all, the app plays the community card with a whistleblower system. You are in a noisy street, you can alert other users. The box will come in addition to the application from the beginning of the year to Review more precisely certain risks: air quality, noise and waves. Other interchangeable sensors should emerge for water quality, pesticides or endocrine disruptors. The price of the case should however be around a hundred euros. A product that is not unlike that of Lapka.

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Source: Meersens – Credit: https://meersens.com/


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